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Don't Waste Time Looking At Houses You Can't Buy!  Did you know that the vast majority of popular real estate websites keep their SOLD listings online long after they are closed and the new owners have already moved in?  There is really nothing worse than falling completely in love with a house only to find out it's not even available anymore (not to mention wasting a ton of your time and gas money looking at unavailable properties)!  At HomeSearchTN.com, we prefer to show you the houses you can actually BUY, so we automatically remove listings that are under contract and/or sold from our search results, saving you a lot of time and frustration! Thanks to our customized search options, only get the listings you really want AND if an existing contract falls through, that listing will automatically come back online for you, so you'll be the first to know.  Scroll down to learn more about more of our time-saving features you can take advantage of, like saved searches, automatic notifications and easy sharing.

Shop and Organize Your Favorites in One Convenient Place.  We work hard every day to ensure that HomeSearchTN.com is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of real estate listings in Nashville and the surrounding areas (covering 11 counties) within a one-hour commute of downtown!  Here, you will find direct access to every listing from every brokerage on the entire regional MLS and our data is automatically updated several times every day, so you'll be the first to know when your dream home hits the market!  You can also save all of your favorite listings to your free account and easily share them with friends and family. Are you looking for more information on a specific house that is currently "For Sale By Owner" or vacant with no sign?  Just let us know. We'll be happy to help you with those, too.   

Stay informed of new listings 24/7 with your SmartPhone or Tablet.  In super hot markets, listings can literally be sold within hours (or even minutes) of hitting the MLS.  Keeping up with new market activity is vital when you want to make sure you don't miss out on your dream home!  This site is updates in real time AND 100% mobile optimized (no apps or downloads required) so you can take it with you on your smart phone or tablet and take advantage of our exciting mobile search options and tools from your car as well!  Plus, enable your GPS locator and find out prices of all of the nearby listings with a quick click!  

Schedule Showings at Your Convenience!  Once you've found a few homes that interest you, just let us know when you'd like to go shopping and we'll coordinate the showings at your convenience.  No more calling 5 different agents and trying to get into homes whenever they have time to meet you.  This is just one of the many services we provide at absolutely no additional charge to home buyers.

Work with an Agent Who Has Your Best Interests in Mind!  (No pressure.  No hassles.  Not ever.)  Nobody likes dealing with high-pressure sales tactics (including us) and we don't believe in using them.  Our clients are like family to us and we know that buying a home and moving can be a stressful process, even when everything goes exactly as planned.  Making sure that you have a caring, experienced professional on your side is the reason we get out of bed in the morning and we want you to be completely comfortable every time you talk to us. So, whether you need a new home right away or are just starting to think about buying and have some basic questions, we are here for you.  We will help you with everything you need from start to finish, recommending the best financing options to making sure you get a good, thorough home inspection and of course, negotiating the best possible price and terms on your behalf and ensuring that your investment will be safe and sound. Check out our testimonials or the video below to a little learn more about us or just pick up the phone sometime just to introduce yourself or say hello.